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Autumn is nearly among us which means changing leaves, cooling temperatures, and a new season of fortune in matters of money, friends, health, and love.


This will be a variable and chaotic fall for Aries in terms of money. Save to avoid feeling the crunch on major decisions later in the year. On the love front, now is a good time to make new friends. Steer clear of emotional conversations with loved ones as your busy schedule requires you give time to family and fitness to keep feeling good through winter.


A health issue with a loved one will cause work and career to come secondary for a while. Try not to get exhausted in this time by staying active when you are able to. Your penchant for loyalty will become important when tension between you and your partner catches you off guard this autumn. Avoid confusion when unfavorable dealings with a family member cause you to question your own approach.


It’s a fortuitous time for Geminis as high financial returns are expected this autumn. Use this abundance for practice staying grounded in matters of health and love. Common seasonal allergies will be the battle this season as staying fit is the name of the game. Your quest for sexual pleasure will be satisfied while maintaining a healthy atmosphere with your family.


Be cautious about overspending money as there will be the temptation to do so in this period of money seeming to come easily. Focus on maintaining a yoga or breathing practice to help ward off pain this season and seek out a doctor if someone feels not quite right. Keep a distance between romantic interests and family life as the time is not yet right to mix these two worlds. Enjoy this period of family problems having reached a resolution to focus on other areas of your life.


Be cautious about illegal dealings that might lead to tax or financial penalties. Hard work in your career will lead to good and fruitful results but stay aware of the advantages of giving back socially. Romantic affairs will seize your emotional capacities and give you a chance to express your tendencies towards being soothing and nurturing. Some good news is in store for your family as a long-awaited family issue will finally reach a resolution.


Self-improvement is the spirit of the season for Virgo. Prominence and professional success are soon to follow. Finally, things begin to look up with your health as you finally begin to regain strength. Take this opportunity to build new relationships, both friendly and romantic, and help stay connected to the ones you hold dear. Remember to keep separate family and work life to enjoy the spoils of each.


Your earning potential will improve dramatically this fall giving you the go-ahead to go on the adventure you have been fantasizing about. Do not put in any more effort than is needed into your career as your focus on improving that area have finally been rewarded. It’s time now to focus on improvement in your health. You’ll find members of the opposite sex taking a more keen interest in your magnetic personality this fall which will lead to quite the tryst.


An unexpected loss will occur resulting from the criminal act of another. Do not let this incident cause you to question your karma as new riches in your career will soon quiet those worries. You will be lucky to find a sensual lover in this time who can turn into a devoted mate. This will complete the total sense of satisfaction you feel regarding matters of family and health.


Business dealings will finally pay off this fall resulting in a weight off your shoulders and some well-deserved satisfaction. Now it’s time to focus on settling some matters in your love life and finally taking the leap you have been resisting for so long. Be supportive of family in this time as health issues require you to be understanding and patient.


No need to worry about spending extravagantly this fall as reaching the pinnacle of your working life results in overdue abundance. Take time to view this period as a cleansing of your love life where disappointment and tension can be felt. Work also on shoring up those bad eating habits developed from focusing too much time in other areas of your life. It is also a wise time to start a project with a family member.


This will be Aquarius’ best time of the year for love and relationships. Focus time on nurturing new relationships as significant long-term potential exists and this will be more than just a flavor of the season. Avoid stress for health reasons as your fortunes indicate you need to cling to your vitality this fall. Look after the health of a parent in this time as your support will help them remain strong through a challenge.


This period will see the return of your fortune that has been kept beyond arm’s length for some time. With this stress out of the way, it’s time to put all of your efforts into achieving your career goals. As a result, matters of love may get a little uncomfortable at times. Avoid making drastic actions and use this fall to reconnect with family members that have drifted away.

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A Taurus woman’s best quality in the quest for love is patience. She can be sensual and passionate but also a pain in the butt when things aren’t going her way. This mix of highs and lows takes a special compatibility that not everyone can keep up with. Some the best love matches for Taurus are…


This is one of the more effortless matches for Taurus. The level of compatibility is high enough that tension is often at a minimum. These two seem to jive and have a good intuition for the other’s way of thinking. Sexually, they are very compatible and adventurous. Very little is likely to be off-limits. Best of all, there is a lot of long-term possibilities for this match. The duo will quickly sink into each other’s rhythms and begin to explore outwardly together. Many matches never make it out of this crucial starting gate in order to have a chance at marriage and long-term happiness.


This is often a nice match as both have sensitive qualities that allow for a peaceful existence. There is a warmth and dependability here which is attractive to both partners who value comfort and security in a loving relationship. This duo should be cautioned against too much comfort, however, as they have a tendency to allow things to get too predictable. Both must work towards open communication and not letting the stubbornness of the Cancer come between them. But with the right work, this can be a great match.


The spark comes quickly with these two. Sexually, there is a high degree of compatibility as both are able to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures of sex. Money-matters are rarely a problem in this match as both have a keen sense for responsibility and thriftiness. The Virgo can tend towards being over-bearing in shared projects. Communication will be important to keep an even balance. The Taurus cannot let his/her stubbornness interrupt them from expressing their feelings about the little things that can pile up. The Virgo means well in their sense of leadership on joint projects. They have a sharp mind and like to be directive about things, so it’s important for the Taurus to try to understand this for the partnership to work.


This can be a bit of an eccentric match, but it works! Pisces can be dreamy, confused, and stuck in their own head sometimes. This jives well with Taurus who is patient and loyal. In time, Taurus will acquire a more dominant role in the relationship to the delight of the Pisces who who welcomes the stability. Conversely, the Pisces can help shake things up in the down-to-earth Taurus’ life a bit by exposing them to someone with a more imaginative personality. This can be a great match!

Take the Right Man Compatibility Report and discover 15 astrological insights into your relationship
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