Pisces is a great daydreamer and has an incredibly romantic and sentimental heart. The best match for Pisces is Pisces. Sagittarius, Cancer, Capricorn also make good matches. The worst match is Taurus because Pisces is mysterious while Taurus is an open book.

Pisceans will shower their lovers with love, fantasy and all things nice. They are mysterious which adds to their appeal and when they spring a secret, it makes love taste all the more sweeter!

Pisces Starsign Compatibility
Pisces and Pisces will be a match made in heaven and they will be wrapped up in each other. They are both intuitive and will understand each other at a deeper level. Both will share a love for beauty and space. They are romantic and highly sensitive to the moods of the environment around them. They will be compassionate and help others. Their lovemaking will be romantic and a true union of body, mind and soul.

Pisces and Sagittarius Star Sign Match
Pisces and Sagittarius will get along very well as Pisces is attracted to the adventure that Sagittarius sign folks seems to promise. Both are dreamers and this raises life above the mundane. Pisces wears a mysterious cloak while Sagittarius has a blunt manner of speaking which can wound Pisces sometimes. The love between both will be intense and have great emotional depth. There will be a great deal of sexual attraction between them.

Matching with Capricorn
Pisces and Capricorn will complement each other perfectly as Pisces astrology symbol people will provide the emotion and security that Capricorn seeks. Both enjoy living the good life to the hilt and will splurge on luxuries and vacations. Pisces will want to share the innermost feelings and desires of Capricorn and probe deeply and Capricorn will be willing to reveal. Capricorn will try to provide Pisces with constructive criticism but this could shatter Pisces’ dreams and goals. Both will have a strong libido and enjoy trying out new things in bed.

Cancer Horoscope Compatibility
Pisces and Cancer both love a dash of romance and will have such a keen perception of each other that they will be able to gauge the other’s feeling without saying a word. Both will have a problem handling the pressures of life and may take to solace in drink or drugs. Each will bring the other luck in financial ventures and decisions. They will be compassionate and kind to others. They will be sexually captivated by each other and will indulge in sexual experimentation of various kinds.

Pisces is a gentle, sensitive lover who will make a romantic and loyal partner for life.

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